St. Ignatius Art and Environment Committee


As Catholics, we believe God is present in a special way when we come together to worship on Sunday.  The mystery of God’s presence in the liturgy is experienced through our senses, that is, through what we see, hear, touch, smell and taste. The Church has always used symbols -- fire, water, touch, bread, wine, oil, and words – to reveal God presence. Jesus is the sacrament of God’s presence in our lives.  Jesus comes to us in WORD (the proclamation of the Scriptures) and in SACRAMENT (the receiving Holy Communion).  Every Eucharist has a message to help us to become more aware of God.  Members of the Art and Environment Committee use symbols to help connect the WORD with the SACRAMENT in our everyday lives.  

The Art and Environment Committee meets four or five times a year, usually around the liturgical year cycle, to plan the use of symbols for each Sunday.  We reflect on the Scripture readings and decide what symbols best speak to the message in the readings of that particular Sunday.  Members then volunteer to design the appropriate arrangement for the space in front of the ambo, near the altar.  We also help decorate for special celebrations like Christmas and Easter.

If you would like more information, or want to join the committee, contact Liz Dudas at:  615-641-6549, or

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